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CG – Computer Graphics

What is computer graphics?

According to the writer Antonio Delisa, computer graphics is the science and art of visual communication using a computer screen and its interaction devices.

It is a discipline that uses computers to develop images and animations and uses concepts of geometry, optics, mathematics and physics. Known simply as CG, it is not only useful for visualization but also for the design of shapes that humans would hardly be able to parameterize.

Think for example of Frank Ghery’s architectures, such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, whose double-curved titanium sheets were designed entirely with CAD, a branch of CG.

Technological evolution has led to highly performing graphic workstations: GAV Projects boasts of having a small render farm, a sort of computing center to process thousands of frames for every minute of animation.

Our company uses the most modern rendering systems, not least raytracing(RT) graphics engines  which – unlike the more traditional pathracing (PT) – allow an almost instantaneous calculation of reflections and global illumination.

To date, the CG is applied in many professional fields, from typography to architecture (CAD), territorial information systems (SIT or GIS), photo editing, cinema and video games. From the apps on our smartphone to the infotainment of our car, any graphical user interface (GUI) is developed thanks to computer graphics.

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