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A door to worlds that do not yet exist: the ideal solution in the real estate field.

The sector of application of this service are tour operators, restaurants, hotels or entrepreneurs in the real estate field. Imagine you want to renovate your premises or offer your customers the opportunity to see with their own eyes the house they intend to buy. The AR-Portal opens a door to another world, giving the possibility to visualize a place in a totally immersive way. With this tool you have the actual perception of space and nothing can be hidden because the sensation is that of being teleported into the space we decide to visualize, observing the environment from the inside, almost as if you were there at that moment.

The good news, too, is that there are huge development prospects for this kind of tool. Very soon Facebook and Instagram could also allow the use of these portals through their filters.

Photos or static renders are able to represent space. However, using particular tricks, such as the focal aperture, it is possible to visualize larger environments than the real ones or to omit corners that we intentionally want to hide.

The use of this tool is done via the app.


What technologies are used?

Augmented reality.

Customers and projects?

Around Me (APP)

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